RAD Studio VCL Reference
TClipboard Methods

The methods of the TClipboard class are listed here.

Copies the properties of an object to a destination object. 
This is MainWndProc, a member of class TClipboard. 
This is SetBuffer, a member of class TClipboard. 
This is WndProc, a member of class TClipboard. 
Copies an object to the clipboard. 
Deletes the contents of the clipboard. 
Closes the clipboard if it is open. 
Returns a Windows handle to data from the clipboard in the specified format. 
Retrieves a component from the clipboard. 
Retrieves text from the clipboard and copies it to a buffer. 
Indicates whether the clipboard contains data in a specified format. 
Opens the clipboard, preventing other applications from changing its contents until the clipboard is closed. 
Places data represented by a specified handle on the clipboard. 
Copies a component to the clipboard. 
Writes a text buffer to the Clipboard
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