RAD Studio VCL Reference

The following table lists classes in this documentation.

TIBBCDField represents a numeric field as a Currency type.. 
TIBCustomDataSet is the base class for all datasets that represent data fetched using InterBase Express. 
TIBDataLink is a helper class used by data-aware objects to coordinate the actions of TIBDataSet and to respond to data events. 
TIBDataSet executes InterBase SQL statements. 
TIBDataSetUpdateObject is the abstract base class for update objects used to update otherwise unupdateable queries when cached updates are enabled. 
TIBDSBlobStream reads from and writes to BLOB fields on behalf of an IB Dataset. 
TIBGeneratorField calls the server to generate values for a field in an IB dataset. 
TIBStringField allows for strings in excess of 8196 bytes of data. 
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