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The following table lists classes in this documentation.

This is class DBXCommon.TDBXAnsiCharsValue. 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXAnsiMemoValue. 
Implementation of writable ANSI string values. 
Implementation of binary-compressed decimal values. 
Implementation of writable boolean values. 
Implementation of writable byte array values. 
Allows for primitive retrieval of data using byte arrays. 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXBytesStream. 
Used internally by driver implementations and TDBXStreamValue
Class to execute SQL statements and stored procedures 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXCommandFactory. 
Type of command to be executed by a TDBXCommand 
Connection for the dbExpress driver framework 
Utility class used by driver writers when connections are created. 
Abstract base class used for creating new instances of TDBXConnection 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXConnectionValue. 
Context information for a connection. 
Implementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXDataTypes.CursorType. 
Common database specific metadata. 
Data types supported by the dbExpress framework (TDBX). 
Implementation of writable date type values. 
Delegate driver base class. 
Used by driver implementors. 
Implementation of double-precision floating point values. 
Driver class for DBX framework. 
Used by driver implementors to access private or protected API. 
Collection of parameters needed when loading a driver. 
Registry for TDBXDriverLoader keyed by driver name. 
Exception type for all dbExpress framework (TDBX) errors. 
Error codes for dbExpress framework (TDBX) exceptions 
Parse and format string representations for some value class objects. 
Creates new instances of TDBXConnection from the dbxdrivers.ini and dbxconnections.ini files 
Implementation of 16-byte integer values. 
Implementation of writable 32-byte integer values. 
Implementation of writable 64-byte integer values. 
Isolation levels supported by TDBXTransaction
Used internally by driver implementations and TDBXStreamValue
Implementation of TDBXConnectionFactory that does not load driver and connection properties. 
Column names for metadata. 
List of available metadata commands to get metadata. 
Keyword for metadata. 
Constants passed to TDBXMetaDataCommands.GetProcedures metadata command. 
Constants for the GetTables metadata command 
Used by driver implementations to morph from one command type to another. 
Implementation of TDBXWritableValue for Parameters that have no type. 
Individual parameters for queries and stored commands. 
Parameter types supported by TDBXParameter 
A collection of TDBXParameter instances that can be used to get and set parameters for a TDBXCommand
Manages connection and driver level name/value pair property settings. 
Contains a set of TDBXProperties
Property names for connections and drivers. 
TDBXReader provides a unidirectional reader for a collection of database rows 
Implementation of TDBXByteReader
Implementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXDataTypes.DbxTableType
Represents a row in a database. 
Implementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXDataTypes.SingleType values. 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXStateItem. 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXStateItemList. 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXStream. 
Used internally by driver implementations and TDBXStreamValue
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXStreamReaderStream. 
Implementation of TDBXWritableValue for TDBXDataTypes.ByteArrayType values. 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXStringValue. 
Data subtypes. 
Implementation of writable timestamp values. 
Implementation of writable time values. 
Flags to indicate tracing type. 
Type used for TDBXTraceFlags
Transaction management class. 
Gets and sets values for TDBXReader and TDBXParameter classes. 
Manage a list of TDBXValueType instances. 
Metadata for TDBXReader columns and TDBXParameter parameters. 
Flags used by TDBXValueType
Used internally by TDBXParameterList to manage list of TDBXValueType
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXWideCharsValue. 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXWideMemoValue. 
Implementation of writable wide string values. 
Extension of TDBXValue that adds the ability to set a value. 
This is class DBXCommon.TDBXWritableValueList. 
Trace information for TDBXTraceEvent handlers. 
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