Blackfish SQL

This Preface describes the manual, lists technical resources, and provides CodeGear contact information.

This document is for:

  • Developers implementing Blackfish SQL database applications
  • System administrators responsible for installing, deploying, and maintaining Blackfish SQL databases

Blackfish SQL for Windows users should have a working knowledge of:

  • Delphi, C++, C#, or VB.NET programming
  • Basic dbExpress 4 or ADO.NET 2.0
  • Basic SQL

Blackfish SQL for Java users should have a working knowledge of:

  • Java programming
  • DataExpress
  • JDBC
  • SQL

This document uses the following typographic conventions:

Font or Symbol  
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General product information and technical information are available on the Blackfish SQL community page at:  

To discuss issues with other Blackfish SQL users, visit the Blackfish newsgroups at:

CodeGear offers a variety of support options for Blackfish SQL. For pre-sales support, installation support, and a variety of technical support options, visit:  

When you are ready to deploy Blackfish SQL, you may need additional deployment licenses. To purchase licenses and upgrades, visit the CodeGear Online Shop at:

Useful technical resources include: 


  • JDBC™ API Documentation at
  • JDBC API Tutorial and Reference, by Seth White, et al; published by Addison Wesley


  • A Guide to The SQL Standard, by C. J. Date and Hugh Darwen; published by Addison Wesley

DataExpress JavaBeans

  • DataExpress Component Library Reference in the Blackfish SQL for Java Help
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