To create your own AppWave icon simply choose a .png, .jpg or .gif file from your computer and click the "Upload File" button below. A custom .png file will be made and saved to your computer. Note: The dimensions of the uploaded image can be any size but only the top left 130x130 pixels will be used (as described below). For best results, design your app icon for a 130x130 pixel canvas. The AppWave Icon Generator will instantly add dimension and shine as well as round the edges for a polished and consistent final look.

Choose image file to upload:

Example of how the original uploaded image is cropped:

Recommended Online Free Photo editor: Pixlr Click here to use Pixlr
To achieve just the right look for your app icon we recommend using a free online photo editor such as Pixlr prior to uploading through the AppWave Icon Generator. The canvas should be set at 130 pixels by 130 pixels and saved as a .png for the best possible quality. Then simply upload and save your final icon to your computer.