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ReadMe Last Updated: December 2, 2009. Any updates to these notes will be available at docs.embarcadero.com.

Thank you for using Embarcadero ToolBox. The ToolBox enables you to access a wide range of applications from a single launch point. You can launch, install, update, and select product versions, all from a single user interface.

The ToolBox provides a primary entry point for the various products configured with the ToolCloud. The ToolCloud lets you centrally provision, manage and update software and licenses inside your own firewall. You control what applications and software versions are available to end users via their ToolBox. With network licensing, you can use the ToolCloud to centrally control the list of authorized users and their product licenses.

For more information, see the ToolBox User Guide at docs.embarcadero.com.

What's New in ToolBox 1.7

What Was New in ToolBox 1.6

Release Notes

Additional Resources

What's New in ToolBox 1.7

Product List Changes

The following products are updated in 1.7:

Automatically Detecting Proxies

When it starts, the ToolCloud now detects internet proxies on your system. If it finds a proxy configuration, it updates the catalina.properties file with the proxy information, and restarts the ToolCloud.

The standalone ToolBox handles this in a different way than the ToolCloud. It detects internet proxies on your system and creates an aaclient.properties file that includes the proxy information. If an aaclient.properties file already exists from a previous configuration, then that file will be used.

Resuming Interrupted Downloads

New Pause and Resume options help you manage interrupted product downloads. If the connection drops, use the Pause button. Restore the connection and then use the Resume button to continue.

What's New in ToolBox 1.6

Product List Changes

DB Optimizer 2.0 has been updated.

Provision A La Carte Products (All-Access Pass Not Required)

You can now license individual products (outside of All-Access) to run from the ToolCloud, with InstantOn.  Please contact Sales for more information.

An a la carte license is listed in the Current Licenses page. Using the ToolCloud web console, an administrator can assign licenses to users. When a user connects to the ToolCloud, the ToolBox displays products assigned to the user. When a user launches a product, the appropriate license is copied to the license directory on the user's machine.

Automatically Update Licenses When Updating the Product Catalog

Prior to 1.6, you had to manually update the ELC with new .slip files when new products and versions were added. Now the licenses automatically update, instead of requiring the administrator to import new .slip files.

Product Name Changes

The name "All-Access Client" is now "ToolBox" and "All-Access Server" is now "ToolCloud". The All-Access ToolCloud and All-Access ToolBox support the products and licensing model as provided with the All-Access Pass. The Embarcadero ToolCloud and ToolBox also support the "a la carte" licensing model.

Release Notes

System Requirements

The ToolBox is a Windows application with no significant requirements.

Products available in the ToolCloud have the same approximate memory and disk size requirements as they do independent of the ToolCloud. For the requirements of individual Embarcadero products, consult the product documentation at: http://docs.embarcadero.com.

Known Issues

Resolved Issues

The following table lists outstanding known issues related to products. For additional product issues, see their respective Read Me files at: http://docs.embarcadero.com.

Change Manager

Change Manager has the following known issue:

  • To use the its command line API, you must install Change Manager. Command line invocation is not supported with InstantOn.

DBArtisan has the following known issues:

  • When opening the Details window for the Bottleneck Analysis in Performance Analyst for Oracle data sources, if Rapid SQL was previously installed, the installer might start. Cancel it and reopen the Details page.
  • To use the Backup Analyst, you must install DB Artisan.

ER/Studio has the following known issues:

  • You can access ER/Studio Portal from a browser, from outside the ToolBox. This ability requires a separate server install, which you can get from the All-Access page on EDN.
  • Certain Help files (for example, SAX Basic Help) cannot be launched from the InstantOn version of ER/Studio.
  • ER/Studio Viewer is available in the Client workstation mode, for all levels, but is licensed only for Bronze and Silver levels.
  • ER/Studio Viewer is not available in the Client in server mode for Silver level.
InterBase SMP

The InterBase SMP application has the following known issues:

  • When InterBase is in a multi-installation environment where the instance is uniquely identified, the Installed tab in the ToolBox does not become enabled. However, you can launch InterBase outside of ToolCloud.
  • Licensing for InterBase installed from within the ToolCloud is driven by the ToolCloud. You must not use the InterBase License Manager to expand on these licenses.

The JBuilder InstantOn application has the following known issues:

  • There is a performance degradation due to pending memory issues.
  • A virtualization error dialog is thrown on exit. Functionality is not affected.
  • The J Optimizer Agent Controller fails to register the process to be profiled and prompts for a restart of the controller. Answering Yes to the prompt, successfully restarts the Agent Controller and fixes the issue.
RAD Studio

RAD Studio has the following known issue:

  • RAD Studio 2007 prompts for a serial number during installation. (ALACS-813)
Rapid SQL Developer

Rapid SQL Developer has the following known issues:

  • An error may occur when opening another application instance while the first instance is still open.
  • On Vista, a "Java heap space" situation can arise in the InstantOn application when querying a table with a large number of records.

Additional Resources

Licensing Your Embarcadero Technologies Product

All Embarcadero Technologies products include a trial period. To continue using the product without interruption, license it as soon as possible. To license your product, use the License Request Wizard found in the Help menu of the product. If you have not yet purchased your Embarcadero Technologies product, contact:

Embarcadero Technologies on the Web

Visit www.embarcadero.com or click any of the links below to find:

Embarcadero Technologies Technical Support

If you have a valid maintenance contract with Embarcadero Technologies, the Embarcadero Technical Support team is available to assist you with any problems you have with our applications. Our maintenance contract also entitles registered users of Embarcadero Technologies products to download free software upgrades during the active contract period. Evaluators receive free technical support for the term of their evaluation.

Open technical support cases using the Technical Support request form. For additional information visit Embarcadero Technologies Technical Support.